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All prices and rates mentioned are excluding 21% VAT.

The first intake talk ​is free and without any obligation.

Then there is a start up fee, which includes the practical build up of your website and other chosen options and some follow up meetings too to ensure a fluent roll out of your website.

The start up fee is set on €250,00 and will be invoiced on the first invoice.



Secondly there is a one time design fee of €50,00 per page you'd like to include. This allows you to take full control over the entire build up cost of your website.

You could for example opt for a one page website, a kind of digital flyer let's say, or go a bit more beyond by adding extra pages. 

Also this fee will be invoiced on the first invoice.



And last but not least, there is a monthly rate starting at €25,00 per website. This includes the web hosting of your website. Aside from that, it also includes 1 hour of service and maintanance a month per website. Additional hours will be invoiced at €40,00 an hour. 

Extra services, such as a mailbox, an online reservation system or a webshop are possible and will appear extra on your monthly invoice. 



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