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Adobe Lightroom offers you free presets! This is where to find and download them.

Filters, templates, presets,... Call it whatever you want, but just stop paying for them! Lightroom is offering thousands of them for free. Browse through a huge amount of presets uploaded by photographers from all around the world and explore limitless. Today I'll tell you exactly where to find them and how to download them.

Lightroom app for smartphone and tablet

More than this you won't need! Download the app, create an account (if you didn't do it already before) and click on the little globe as shown above. There you go! A global database of tons of presets. Browse through all of them and download the ones you like by selecting the preset and clicking on the three points in the right upper corner and select "Save as preset".

When you return to your own photos, they can be located among the presets in the "Saved presets" "folder

Why buying presets isn't always a good idea

Selling presets became a second job for many photographers as soon as the pandemic kicked in. So what I am saying now is not very polite, I know, but I like to be honest. Many presets are based on a unique and personal style the photographer is using. So in order to make the preset fit, your base picture should be matching too and that isn't always the case. This is exactly the point where many buyers get frustrated. So try to minimize your frustrations and just explore what Lightroom has to offer for free. Oh, and don't forget to share your presets as well!

But most of all, go on creating your own and unique style! There is certainly nothing more satisfying than that. I know it might take a while, but you'll get there!