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Help! My RAW files from my Nikon Z5 aren't visible or recognized! A solution however is on its way..

Just like me, many users of the Nikon Z5 experience issues with recognizing their RAW or NEF files on platforms such as Adobe Lightroom, Apple,... It's a well known issue and the solution for this bug should be available in one of the next releases and updates of software. Meanwhile the problem seems to be solved for those who are using Nikkor lenses, which sadly doesn't apply yet for third party lenses. In meantime, there is a little detour you can take.

Let's get your files recognized again

My level of euphoria after trying out my new Z5 was at the same peak as my frustration when I wanted to edit some of the shots afterwards. A detailed review of the Z5 will follow shortly, but for now I wanted to share this (hopefully) temporary bridge with you all.

Nikon offers a free software with which you can make your NEF files readable RAW's again:

Get the free download here.

You're welcome :-)

When will this be solved?

Any time soon probably. The issue seems to be solved already for Windows and Z5 cameras in combination with Nikkor lenses. Unfortunately there are still a lot of people out there with Sigma, Tamron,... being left in the dark. Adobe already stated that a solution is on its way in a next update. So fingers crossed, because the way we have to work now, is a time consuming and

nerve racking thing...