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REVIEW: ‘Caruba’ portable photo studio (70cm) for packshot and stock photography

As an event and clublife photographer in COVID-19 times you have to options; standing still or moving forward. I chose the second option and went back to where it all once began for me, stock and packshot photography. Mainly focussing on food and product shots back then, it seems to become a main core again for 2020 and 2021 as shops and restaurants are forced to work more remote and online. Guess I needed a new macro photo studio, big enough though to be able to go further than just a small dish or handcrafted bracelet.

Yes, even a small houseplant fits perfectly :-)
Yes, even a small houseplant fits perfectly :-)

Fieldt test

Boys and their new toys... Excited as I was, the unboxing started even before I closed the front door after delivery properly. Although I knew I ordered the largest size available (there is also 60cm, 50cm and 40cm), I was still quite surprised by how huge it appeared in real. It comes together with integrated LED, a power cable, 4 backgrounds (white, grey, black and gold ish) and a diffuser. Folded up together, it is easy to carry around, though you might need an extra storage and transportation option for the backgrounds. It’s an easy to build setup that uses velcro strips.

It doesn‘t only look and feel sturdy, I can guarantee you in fact that it is sturdy. The integrated LED is strong and well divided within the box and the output is manually adjustable. It seems like the guys at Caruba know perfectly what they are doing. Thumbs up! It’s nice when you get true value for your money.

The money?

Yes, that’s also what a review should be about. As said before, packshot photography was my first professional step into photography in 2014. Back then I was working with a macro photo studio of €35 that was gifted to me by a friend. Initially I was looking for a similar one now, but realised I wasn’t always very satisfied about the overall quality back then. So in my hunt for more professional, yet still affordable equipment, I bumped into this one.

Caruba is a brand that‘s distributed by Disnet. A few (online) stores that are somehow related to photography serve as points of sale. Do your research well, because there are some differences in price. I got mine for about €135. A very good deal for the joy I got!


Easy! A very affordable, qualitative and sturdy must-have for any photographer who wants to put more focus on packshot photography, or owners of restaurants and web stores who do not always have time, money or patience to outsource food and product photography jobs.